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FSEDM Our Way airs on every Friday night at 11:59pm EST. We feature music from current Full Sail students, faculty, alumni, and friends of FSEDM. Find it the following week here on iTunes and on!!
Email us at to book artists or labels. 

** Deadline for submitting music is Wednesday 11:59pm EST **
(To meet our deadline of 11:59pm EST Thursdays, we have to upload 24 hours before showtime.)

Listen Here Every Friday at 11:59pm EST =>  Party95 Apple AppParty95 Android App –

==> Link to our google doc <== Fill this out prior to submitting music for our show. It helps us link out to your sites, get your artist name 100% correct, lets us know what you need promoted, and gives you all the details you need to know about submitting music.

For DJs: We accept DJ sets of 1 hour or 2 hours. Our show is exactly 2 hours long on Party95, but we’ll stretch out the rest of your set for the podcast if you go over the allotted time so there’s no need to fade out at the 2 hour mark.
If you produce as well and want to get songs on the air, play a shorter set and we’ll do a combination of songs + a DJ set to fill 2 hours, like we did here in episode 102

For Producers: If you do not DJ it will be a little tougher to get your songs on, unless you have enough material for a full hour, or you’re on a label with other artists that can submit music as well for a label showcase, like this one here.

We have one rule from Party95… we can not play any F words. A few F words is fine, just edit them out, reverse them, add an ahooga car horn over them.. do whatever you have to do to clean them up… but if it gets up over 20 edits it becomes distracting and affects the sound of the show. Please keep that in mind when selecting tracks.

Anyone debuting sets on our show get priority, we LOVE premiering fresh sets and would rather not play anything that has been on Soundcloud for a month or two. Your episode will be packaged with artwork and links to your online presence and whatever else you want to promote, and will live here in our archives until the end of time.
Remember where it is and you’ll always have a kick ass link to share!!

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FSEDM is Full Sail’s Electronic Dance Music Organization. A network of current students, alumni, faculty, and friends, connected through their love of EDM, and affiliation with Full Sail University. Keep Bouncing!